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Scottish Clansmen - Unite!
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January 2013
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November's Theme!

Alright, so we all know that Scottish food is legendarily bad and notoriously frightening. But for some of us brave souls who're willing to try first, ask what's in it later, we've found a myriad of delicious elements to the cuisine, especially depending on what region you're in.

So, your task this month, fellow Scots... tell us about your Scottish food experiences! We want to know the good, the bad and the ugly. Post photos (behind cuts, please!) personal experiences good or bad, share recipies of a Scottish nature (please be sure to be respectful of copyrights!) or just tell us your favourite Scottish feast and where you first experienced it. Food and restaurant recommendations are more than welcome as well... so whether you have photos of your first attempt making black pudding which looks a bit frightening, or had an exquisite culinary experience in Scotland, we want to hear it!

Let's get our Scot on and share those food experiences!!!


i remember when i first moved to scotland i was about 11, and we went to the chippy for dinner as we'd just arrived. I ordered a pizza and it was deep fried :D apart from that, scottish food isnt that bad. For a recommendation.....um, anyone who wants a good breakfast in aberdeen, go to this pub (damnit, cant remember the name now, its down an alley near marks n spencers lol) and get the scottish breakfast. its amazing.