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Scottish Clansmen - Unite!
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January 2013
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Nikii [userpic]

My name is Nikii & I am 23 years old. I can't tell you what precentage I am Scottish, but on my grandmums side I am a Scott...literally. I also carry her maiden surname in my name & then on my grandfathers side I am McAlister. I do have one story passed down in my family that my great-great-great grandfather came from Scotland & lived here in the US the rest of his life as a reverend traveling in between Tennessee & Connecitcut.
I also plan on returning to Scotland...well for me it will be my first time. I want to go to school at the University of Aberdeen.
I don't know what else to say....

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cool, aberdeen is one of my favourite places in Scotland. When i was growing up there it was the biggest city near us, and all my school friends live there now so i go quite often.

Cool...maybe we can keep in touch. Whats your info?

Wow, welcome! This is fantastic, another Scott! Are you a member of the clan association? My partner and I are members of the Scott clan as well, though we don't bare the surname.

Anyway, welcome again! Wonderful to have you here, and make yourself at home.

No, I didn't know there was a Scott clan association. I don't think anyone does in my family. And I have a huge family from that side...lol...I've lost count of how many cousions.
Yea, my Uncle had actually traced us back to having the stag as our thing & something else. I think he's anticpating me moving to Aberdeen, when it happens. Apparently theres still family there we've lost contact with.
How do you find the clan association online?

Oooh, then you should share with your family about the clan association!! I ADORE the Scott clan... everyone I've met have been absolutely fantastic, and we have so much fun at highland games and such.

Yep, the stag is on the clan badge! Our plant is the blaeberry (a cousin to the blueberry) and one of our tartans is my icon! There's lots of family still around the borders... we were a border reaver clan, and many of our kin were booted from Scotland for stealing cattle and other such offenses.

Anyway, the clan association's website is http://www.clanscottsociety.org/
Please go and join! We're always recruiting new members, because the more people we get, the more help we have tracing the Scott Clan lineage through the ages! I'd love to know where you're from too, so we can look out for one another at clan functions!

Cool...I'm in Connecticut, US. You?